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How to Write an Abstract for a Paper: Things You Need to Know

When studying in college, students are faced with a pile of challenging tasks. They have to write numerous essays, speeches, and research assignments. The last ones are especially difficult to handle because doing a well-structured and winning paper requires not only writing skills but knowing all the major sections of this academic task. If you have no clue how to complete a cover page, an introduction, an abstract, or some other components, you'll be in trouble. To help you cope with the academic challenge, we’ve prepared clear instructions on how to write a winning abstract for your assignment and to easily handle a demanding task.

What Is an Abstract?

If you’ve never created an abstract for your education papers, you may feel real terror when hearing about this task the first time. Actually, there is nothing difficult in writing this part of your research project. Some say that an abstract is like a trailer to the movie, which helps the reader decide whether your work is worth reading. Usually, an abstract provides an overview and isn’t longer than a page. If you want to grab the attention of the reader, you’ll have to do your best to create an impressive abstract for your paper. When your project is published online, this will be the first part the readers will see, and it will influence their decision whether to continue reading your work or to quit.

When to Write an Abstract

Some students are in error, thinking that an abstract has to be written first. Making such a mistake will negatively affect the final result and your grade. Even this part of an assignment goes at the beginning, it should always be written last. You shouldn’t confuse it with the thesis. The last one introduces the key idea, while an abstract has another role in your paper. It reviews the completed assignment describing the essence and the main theme. Providing good content and style when working on this section of your research project is vital to impress the reader. So, better devote enough time to crafting this crucial part of your paper. It shouldn’t be treated carelessly, even if you are short of time when working on the assigned task.

Types of Abstracts

Before including an abstract in your student paper, determine first which type you are going to create. No doubt, regardless of the type you choose, this part of your assignment has to be well-crafted and to cover all the vital elements of the full-length writing. Keep in mind that an abstract should not contain information that wasn’t mentioned in your project. If you add some additional facts, it may cause confusion when reading the final draft.

How to write an abstract for a paper

There are several types of abstracts, but the most common ones in the student assignments are:


If you have to complete a social science assignment, most likely, you’ll pick this type of abstract. Generally, it isn’t really long and may contain background, focus of an assignment, and purpose. Some students add an overview of contents, but it is optional. It is up to you whether to include it in your abstract or not.


Were you assigned a psychology report or a science paper? Then opt for this type.

When you write an abstract for a paper, you need to briefly summarise not only the background and main purpose but the methods used along with the results. An informative abstract is usually longer than the descriptive one and takes up to 10% of the assigned task.

Sample Abstract

The title of your paper tells the readers whether your writing could be of interest, but to get more information about your project, the reader needs to check an abstract. This is a part that gains attention or makes them skip your work.

Avoid creating a too long or too short abstract jumping from different points without a clear flow. The content shouldn’t contain wrong information because it may put off the reader.

Check this table to get a clear understanding of how to craft a good abstract.

Good abstract

The correlation between a college student’s performance in class and sleep is analyzed in this research project. To answer the question, academic performance was compared against questionnaires that detailed the sleep schedules of 145 college learners. The obtained results proved that there is a correlation between poor college performance and having less than 8-7 hours of sleep daily. Our results also revealed that sleeping disorders lead to lower concentration levels and some behavioral problems. The results of the study could be used to encourage students to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day.

Bad abstract

This paper will look at student performance and sleep. I’ll prove that there is a correlation between poor academic performance and lack of sleep each day.

Writing in Different Genres

The professor doled out a paper, and you have to submit it within a short deadline? Don’t panic and get to work. The first thing you have to do is get to know what genre an assignment has to be completed. Being unfamiliar with genres in academic writing may lead to undesired repercussions. So, develop your skills in completing many different kinds of texts. Depending on the chosen major and the subject, these could be research assignments, reviews, essays, laboratory reports, or other academic tasks. Knowing the essential rules of crafting an abstract for your paper, you’ll cope with the task in the blink of an eye and will be halfway to success in gaining the attention of the readers.

Tips for Writing an Abstract

Want to attract the maximal attention to your college assignment? Here are tips on how to create a winning abstract.

We hope these tips provide you with a better understanding of how to cope with the college task of crafting a winning abstract, if no, then we are ready to give a hand.

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