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How Long Does It Usually Take to Write a 5 Page Paper?

Crafting numerous academic papers is a daunting challenge high-school, and college students face each and every day. An average learner has to submit a pile of essays, research assignments, reports, reviews and other tasks within a short deadline. Among them is also a five page paper. Yes, students have to hand in not only easy-to-write two-page essays but more voluminous tasks requiring much time and effort. So, is it possible to cope with the challenge with no stress? How long does it take to write a 5 page paper? Generally, it depends on the numerous factors which have to be considered before you get to work. Some learners tackle the problem within a few hours while others struggle hard trying to complete flawless and well-structured writing.

Top-5 Factors to Consider Before Writing Your 5-Page Assignment

Will you fulfil the task on short notice or have to go the extra mile to hand in the completed paper? It depends not only on your luck but on some other crucial factors you need to consider before getting to work.

How long does it take to write a 5 page paper

The complexity of your paper

Generally, students don’t choose the topic of their assignments because they are doled out by the college professors. Being lucky to pick the topic, don’t be in haste and devote enough time to doing research because the easier topic you pick, the less time-consuming the writing process will be. Complex topics require conducting extensive research and spending long hours online trying to find some credible sources.

Number of sources

It happens so that the number of sources you can use to support your viewpoint is really limited. So, before writing the assigned task, make sure that the topic is easy to research and you can find enough relevant sources to create a winning paper.

Time limit

Students usually have to submit the assigned paper within a short deadline. Having less time than needed, undergraduates will complete the task in haste, meaning it won’t be masterly done. The longer is the deadline, the more hours you can spend on crafting a superior-quality paper.

Writing talent

Not everyone can boast with the right writing skills. If you find it hard to put thoughts on paper and easily lose the train of thought, then doing a 5 page paper will be a real challenge for you. The time needed to complete such a voluminous assignment depends on the experience of the writer.

Time-management skills

Having no time-management skills may lead to undesired repercussions. Students usually procrastinate, leaving the most tricky and demanding papers till the last moment. Having no time-management skills and being unable to focus on the assigned essay or a report will lead to long hours of working on the task.

How Many Words Are in a Five-Page Essay?

If you get a task to write a 5 page research paper or an essay, the first question that will likely come into your mind will be, “How many words is a 5 page paper?” The truth is that you won’t get a clear answer because it depends on the sheer number of factors such as font size, applied margins, length of paragraphs and spacing. A good rule of thumb is that a page with 1-inch margins typed in 12 font will be around 500 words, so a 5 page research paper is around 2500 words. So, how many words is a 5 page paper double spaced? The answer is obvious, 1250 words.

The Effective Tips on How to Write a Five Page Essay in 4 Steps

Completing an A-grade paper requires not only the right skills and experience but ample time needed to do thorough research. Being an experienced writer, you’ll complete an essay or any other assignment in the blink of an eye, but if you are a beginner, then you’ll have to work hard to get a superior quality result.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do before writing a 5 page paper is research the chosen topic. You ought to look through a pile of sources to understand the topic better and to find enough evidence to support your viewpoint. Moreover, when reading numerous sources, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the theme, so your college paper will be better completed, introducing the new side of the story.

Step 2

To make writing less time-taking, create a 5 page research paper outline. Some students skip this step and consequently lose their train of thought when completing their papers. If the process is wisely arranged, you won’t keep asking yourself, “How long to write 5 page paper?” because you’ll cope with the huge chunk of work in no time.

Step 3

The body of the five page paper should occupy around four pages. It should be divided into paragraphs where you observe the problem and provide enough compelling evidence. Sometimes, students write an introduction first and only then start working on the essay body. Such an approach isn’t the best solution. It is advised to write an introduction last. By choosing such a work-flow, you’ll complete a winning paper that is worth the highest grade.

Step 4

When the introduction, the essay body and the conclusion are completed, it is high time to proofread the crafted paper. Check your writing for typos, misspellings, grammar and punctuation. If you have doubts, you can cope with this task, then better delegate it to professional proofreaders. Having vast experience in the field, they improve your paper, so it deserved the top grade.

How to Write Your Paper Successfully?

Completing a 5 page paper is a daunting challenge, and not every learner can easily cope with it. There are numerous factors affecting the writing process, and the most common ones are:

Stop trying to complete an A-grade paper, better write an interesting college essay, the one that will grab the reader’s attention and will make a permanent impression on the mind.

This is an ultimate waste of time when you write a paper without a clear understanding of the topic or requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor for clarifications before getting to work. The fact that you find it hard to understand the assigned task doesn’t make you stupid. You may come across some vague requirements that need to be clarified.

Make sure there are no distractions when writing your college paper. Being zen-focused is needed if you want to write a fantabulous paper and impress your professor with impeccable skills.

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